Tips On Strength Training For Women

Strength Training For Women requires a specific, detailed approach in order to maximize growth and development of the muscles. Many women are determined on training the right way, but use the wrong methods to go about the task at hand. Let’s take a look at a number of tips women can follow in order to strength train appropriately.

Foundational Exercises

Strength training for women requires an emphasis on learning the techniques of each compound movement. What is a compound movement? it is a movement that works two or more muscles at the same time.

Many individuals will get caught up with isolation exercises that target one muscle. This wastes a lot of time and does not develop the necessary strength needed to see growth.

Women should be focusing on developing the body as a whole during the initial stages of strength training. Over time, it can become worthwhile to implement isolation exercises in order to target weaknesses that might be developing. Until then, the focus should be on foundational exercises that are compound movements.

What kinds of compound movements should be focused on. There are a range of movements that can be used including squats, deadlifts, bench press, chin-ups, and planks. These are just a few that can be used to have a complete, wide-ranging training program.


This is one of the biggest issues when it comes with getting stronger. Being dedicated is half of the battle in the gym. Many individuals going to the gym will expect the world out of one session and that is the wrong approach. The body requires a consistent routine in order to get stronger and fitter.

The results might not come in the first few weeks, but over time they will become noticeable. It is essential to remain committed to the task at hand and the program one has designed.

Avoiding Myths

Ever heard of women who get scared of going to the gym because they will get “bulky”? This is a common myth that has made the rounds for decades and continues to do so.

Strength training does not have to mean one will keep get bigger. It is hard to get bulky, ask men who are constantly in the gym trying to grow larger. It requires a specific diet with a caloric increase of 500+ calories above maintenance.

If one keeps going to the gym and maintains a decent diet, the chances of getting bulky are slim. One will continue to get stronger and that is the goal here. If one increases their daily intake of calories only then will one start getting bulky and larger in size.


Strength training for women has to be about setting goals. Every session in the gym should be progressing towards something. For many, their goal is visual in nature (i.e looking in the mirror), while for others it comes through strength gains.

Whatever one’s goals are, they should be written down and focused on. All decisions should be geared towards meeting this goal and nothing else.

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